Tie with Titanium – Exclusive Interview of HMTi’s President

Ge Qing, President of HMTi, founded Baoji Youtai Electronics Co., Ltd. 20 years ago after resignation from a state-owned enterprise. Youtai’s main products are military products and oil drilling rigs which has a domestic market share of around 90%.

Ge said that he was unfamiliar with titanium but his friend, Sun Xiaoyi, has an over 20-year experience in the field.  Sun introduced a group of PH.Ds of materials, who have a strong desire to start a titanium business.

“I am a conservative and never engage in what I don’t know or anything uncertainty. But I caught sight of my youth from them. It needed a great courage to resign for starting a business, which means there is no regrets and they must bear great pressure.”

“They, a group of younger, are so professional, passionate, confident and ambitious and this spirit influenced me and I decided to invest HMTi. Before this, I just wanted to make a subtraction of life to make it simple. However, they showed me more possibilities.”

Source: Titanium Valley Nonferrous Metal Exchange Center