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Vice Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Visit HMT

Yu Wei, the Vice Director of Raw Material Industry Department of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) visits HMTi’s construction site on 17th May, 2017. Yu said that it was very enlightening and she is optimistic on HMTi’s “special & proficient” features in the fields of subdivision products. HMTi will popularize the use of high performance materials in key projects through tackling hot working technology of refractory metals and give full play to the ability and advantages of the [...]

The Secretary of Baoji inspects HMTi’s Project

Qian Yinan, the Secretary of Baoji City¬† visits the industrial park of the Bawang River in Mei county to inspect the construction site of HMTi’s project of High Performance Titanium Alloys and Wrought Magnesium Alloys. The General Manager, Han Dong, reported the overall planning, the team of talents and construction progressing. Ge Qing, the President introduced the “HMTi’s Pattern” — the powerful combination of capital and technology. Qin highly recognized the development direction and said that the “HMTi’s Pattern” is needed [...]

High Performance Ti-Mg Alloy Industrialization Project Successfully Signed

In September 22nd, Shaanxi HuaMei Materials (HMTi)’ the investment signing ceremony of High Performance Titanium Alloys and Wrought Magnesium Alloys Products Industrialization Project was held at Mei District Merchants Bureau. The project will further enhance the agglomeration effect of the titanium alloy processing industry in the Titanium Valley (Baoji, China). Cao Naiping, the deputy head of the county, presided over the ceremony. The total investment of the project is RMB210 million, covering an area of 26666.67 square meters, which is [...]