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Tie with Titanium – Exclusive Interview of HMTi’s President

Ge Qing, President of HMTi, founded Baoji Youtai Electronics Co., Ltd. 20 years ago after resignation from a state-owned enterprise. Youtai’s main products are military products and oil drilling rigs which has a domestic market share of around 90%. Ge said that he was unfamiliar with titanium but his friend, Sun Xiaoyi, has an over 20-year experience in the field.  Sun introduced a group of PH.Ds of materials, who have a strong desire to start a titanium business. “I am a [...]

High Performance Ti-Mg Alloy Industrialization Project Successfully Signed

In September 22nd, Shaanxi HuaMei Materials (HMTi)’ the investment signing ceremony of High Performance Titanium Alloys and Wrought Magnesium Alloys Products Industrialization Project was held at Mei District Merchants Bureau. The project will further enhance the agglomeration effect of the titanium alloy processing industry in the Titanium Valley (Baoji, China). Cao Naiping, the deputy head of the county, presided over the ceremony. The total investment of the project is RMB210 million, covering an area of 26666.67 square meters, which is [...]