1600 Tons Full Hydraulic Fast Forging Production Line Put into Operation

On July 21, the 1600 tons full hydraulic fast forging unit, with the first-class technical level in China, begins to die and press, which represents the first phase of HMTI’s project of High Performance Titanium Alloys and Wrought Magnesium Alloys product is formally completed. The production line also fills the gap of large forging and pressing equipment in the eastern area of the “Titanium Valley”.

HMTi is a high-tech enterprise driven by a doctorate team of materials which is committed to the development and production of high performance titanium alloy and magnesium alloy materials and products. HMTi’s products are positioned to meet the needs of high end materials in the aviation, space, ship, weapons, marine and biological medical fields, covering plates, rods, tubes, wires, rings, forgings and so on.

The total investment of the project is RMB210 million and is expected to be completely finished in 2018. After that, HMTi will become a material research and production base of “material preparation – forming processing – surface protection”  and  “development – quantity production – application”, whose annual capacity will be 1500 tons of titanium and magnesium alloys and their products, the annual output value will be more than RMB180 million.

It took only 20 days from negotiation to project landing and 8 months from the fast forging production line starting to be constructed (November 21, 2016) to formally put into operation (July 21, 2017). It has created a new “Mei County Speed”.